Business is a powerful catalyst for solving society’s greatest challenges.

- Dr. Sonja Lahtinen

Reframing the role of companies in sustainability

Whether tackling grand challenges such as climate change, human rights violations, or disease outbreaks, companies have much to contribute to the sustainable world.

Yet, nearly every entrepreneur, business leader, and manager faces the challenge of addressing sustainability the right way—the way that deepens engagement with their core business, customers, teams, and within their natural environment.

Delving deeper than sustainability reporting, this website invites you to think sustainability in new ways that can readily be translated into action.

Dr. Sonja Lahtinen

I’m a research & insight manager at a strategy consultancy Co-founders, postdoctoral researcher at Tampere University, and a keynote speaker on the role of companies in addressing some of the world's most serious evolving challenges.

In my work, I combine academic rigor with real-life business cases. I explore ways for companies to address sustainability in the most meaningful way.

I built this website to share what I've discovered during my journey in the sustainable business world. I invite you to explore some of the most fascinating questions concerning the future direction of companies, societies, and ecosystems at large.

Living with intention and (sustainable) energy

Some of my recent thoughts and ideas on business sustainability, science and society:

Väitöstiedote: Yritysten rooli yhteiskunnallisten ongelmien ratkaisemisessa muuttuu aiempaa aktiivisemmaksi

By Sonja | June 9, 2020

Ympäristökatastrofien uhka, COVID-19 pandemia ja yhteiskunnalliset levottomuudet puhututtavat. Kuka ratkaisee käsillä olevat kestävyyskriisit?…

In an interview: Co.Cast Creating the Future Together podcast

By Sonja | May 22, 2020

I was interviewed in an Amsterdam-based podcast, sharing stories full of compassion, insights,…


Maailman mehiläispäivä 20.5 muistuttaa ekosysteemin pölyttäjistä: Mehiläisillä ja yrityksillä on enemmän yhteistä kuin ehkä ajattelit

By Sonja | May 20, 2020

Tänään vietetään kansainvälistä mehiläisten päivää. Jos meillä ei olisi koronakaranteenia, niin eri puolilla…

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