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PhD dissertation: Reframing the role of companies in sustainability

Undoubtedly, it has been one of the most extraordinary times during our lifetime. These past few months have brought many reasons to be worried, but also many reasons to be optimistic. We choose which we decide to focus.

On a personal note, this lockdown brought enough space, solitude, and silence to do the deep work that was required to finish my PhD dissertation. However, in the current circumstances of the COVID-19, we decided together with the faculty that it is wiser to cancel the public defense from today, 15th of May, and re-schedule the debate to the near and safer future.

Yet, information has not been cancelled. Information is airborne. People can still access it, and be affected by it in a positive way. Research-based knowledge to navigate COVID-19, and evidence-based guidance to shape the post-corona era with strong sustainability criteria is urgent, and out there.

I wish my PhD research can contribute to this. Below I share the PhD dissertation in a digital form for everyone who is looking for ways to contribute to a more sustainable future. The perspective is that of business. But the idea of reframing our role of being in relation with the world that is facing significant changes in the economic, social, and ecological spheres, speaks to all of us, right in this moment.

We, as a humankind, are now entering into an era of the unknown, the unclear, and the unfolding. What we do now, creates the foundation for the new normal. It would be the biggest loss in the context of the COVID-19, if nothing changes to the better in the world after we’ve tackled this crises. Let’s make our best to better the future for all of us.

You can download and read the dissertation here.